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 National Council on Aging Care's Guide on Pets for Seniors


If you're ready to be tested, let me know and I can conduct the test at no charge!



Test day!   Mary (Kirby), Garry (Max), Dana (Ellie), Kathy, & Valerie in back (May 7, 2014)


 IMPORTANT- It is not a requirement for a dog to have specific training prior to taking the initial test to become a registered therapy dog.   DogJazz or Valerie Tillery is not affiliated with Alliance of Therapy Dogs or TDInc., yet supports their registration program.  There are four other registering organizations approved by AKC.


Alliance of Therapy Dogs
This group is headquartered in Wyoming, yet has volunteers throughout the USA. They provide registration, support, and insurance to their members involved in volunteer visits with their animals.



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