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Garry says, "LOOK!"  .....and they all did!

(I think he had beef jerky)




In loving memory of Avery--who passed away on July 6th, 2015 with kidney failure



Holly is moving to Tennessee and we're going to miss her!

With her husband in the military, he'll attend special training out of state with our HOPE that she returns to San Angelo!

We've enjoyed going on our visits with Avery & Bentley who loved going to the nursing homes!

Both Avery & Bentley became registered therapy dogs and they'll continue their work duties.

Hope you come back soon!


Jasmine is Ready for Visit at Cedar Manor!

Cosmo at the Community Education Booth at the 2015 Rodeo!

Dressed up & Offering Unconditional Love!





Girl Scout - October 23, 2014



Top:  Jasmine, Cosmo, Ellie, Max

Floor:  Savannah, Kirby & Jerze

The Dogs go to College!

ASU Disability Awareness Day - October 22, 2014 - Therapaws!

Houston Harte University Center



Johnnie Lea Tate and Chase just finishing up a Visit at Baptist Retirement Community on May 21, 2014!  Good job!






Alicia & Kelbi have moved back to Midland and will continue their therapy dog work there--we'll miss you!

Jasmine Almaideen at T-Bar CGC is now AKC THDN (therapy dog novice) titled!

Rabows Paparazzi at T-Bar (Chase) is now AKC THDN (therapy dog novice) titled!

Penny is working on her AKC Therapy Dog Titles for Hoss & Capri!


Mary Dee's Babies:  Lucy & Kirby



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