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Welcome to!

My name is CH Tmist Jazz Dancer and I am an AKC Champion!  Enjoy my website and take a look at some of my favorite ideas (and photos of my children).  My cat's name is Stevie and my other cat friends are Lucy, Gracie & Bailey.  I am a Havanese breed, Mediterranean in origin and Cuba's National dog!  Stud Services available.


My little girl is below!

Jasmine Almaideen at T-Bar, CGC, CGCA ThD 

Jasmine (Jazzy) is a registered Therapy Dog and has a CGC & Therapy Dog titles.  She helps with CGC classes & demos, is a Canine Ambassador, visits at the nursing homes, boys ranch, education booths, and children's summer programs!


Valerie is a CGC and Therapy dog trainer who loves her Havanese.  She is also an event planner, fundraiser and web developer.  Valerie is a member of the Concho Kennel Club in San Angelo, Texas, website:

 Valerie Tillery









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