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AKC Visit Log Sheet


Extra Visit Opportunities:


Halloween Costume Contest

Arbor Terrace on Rio Concho Drive

October 30th (Monday)









Therapaws Weekday Schedule

Kathy Tomei is the Coordinator for these visits


1st Thursday: 2:45 PM  

Regency House

3745 Summer Crest Rd [across from Grogan’s]

Activity Director/Brandy - 325-450-5414


3:45 PM

The Springs

6102 Grand Ct Rd [road behind Sonora Bank]

No Contact Name - 325-716-1675


2nd Wednesday:   8:30 a.m.

Fort Concho Elementary [when school is in session]

Contact/David Hooks -



2nd Wednesday 2:00 PM

Newhaven [Formerly Beehive]

2501 Sawgrass Drive [off Knickerbocker]

Activity Director/Hunter Roberts - 325-899-1070 -


3:00 PM

Senior Care [off Knickerbocker]

Activity Director/ Kathy Schiller - 325-234-4111-

4:00 PM

Brookdale [Formerly Myrtlewood]

2695 Valleyview Blvd [off Knickerbocker]

Activity Director/Kathy Binder - 325-267-7746




3rd Tuesday 6:15 PM    (Valerie)

Arbor Terrace

Rio Concho Drive

Helen James, Activity Director



3rd Thursday   3:00 PM

Baptist Memorial

902 N Main St

Activity Director/Alma Teagle - 325-655-7391



4th Thursday    2:00 PM

The Crest

402 & 430 E 8th

Activity Director/Michelle - 325-500-8459


3:00 PM

The Green House

438 E Houston Harte Expy

Activity Director/Michelle -325-212-7996   




Therapaws Saturday Schedule

Jeannette Schalek is the Coordinator for these visits


1st Saturday 10:00 AM

Senior Care of Meadow Creek - 4343 Oak Grove Blvd [off Loop 306]



2nd Saturday 10:00 AM

Brookdale [Formerly Myrtlewood]

2695 Valleyview Blvd [off Knickerbocker]

Activity Director/Kathy Binder - 325-267-7746


3rd Saturday 10:00 AM

The Springs

6102 Grand Ct Rd [road behind Sonora Bank]

No Contact Name - 325-716-1675


4th Saturday 10:00 AM

Park Plaza

2210 Howard Street






    AKC Expands Therapy Dog Titling Program

(Monday, May 12, 2014)

Requirement:  Register your dog for an AKC Canine Partner's Number or AKC PAL Number:


New York, NY – In an effort to honor the thousands of therapy dog teams that make a difference in the lives of others daily, the American Kennel Club® (AKC®) has added four new titles to the popular AKC Therapy Dog™ program.

In addition to the AKC Therapy Dog (ThD) title (awarded after 50 visits), the AKC now offers:

AKC Therapy Dog Novice (ThDN)Awarded after 10 visits
AKC Therapy Dog Advanced (ThDA) – Awarded after 100 visits
AKC Therapy Dog Excellent (ThDX) – Awarded after 200 visits
AKC Distinguished Therapy Dog (ThDD) – Awarded after 400 visits

“The AKC heard from many dog owners whose dogs had already earned the ThD title and who wanted additional formal recognition of their ongoing commitment to volunteering to help others. We’re pleased to expand the AKC
Therapy Dog program as a result of these requests,” said Doug Ljungren, Vice President of AKC Sports and Events. “We’ve also added a way to acknowledge beginning therapy dogs, hoping that this will encourage even more dogs and owners to participate in therapy dog work.”

Dogs who are registered and approved by recognized therapy dog organizations may apply to earn the AKC Therapy Dog titles, which will be listed on the dog’s AKC title record. Any dog, including mixed breeds, can earn AKC Therapy Dog titles as long as the dog is AKC-registered, listed with AKC Canine Partners   or enrolled in the Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program. AKC does not train or certify therapy dogs.

Applications for the new titles will be accepted beginning June 1st, with titles awarded beginning July 1st.

To apply for a title or learn more about the AKC Therapy Dog program, visit

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