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Therapy Dogs are volunteer dogs, along with handlers, which are brought into schools, hospitals, convalescent homes, and other therapeutic settings to interact with patients and staff. The dogs are there for the patient to pet, comb, walk or just talk to.  The gift to others by dogs are heart-felt. 



It may spark the memory of a former pet, soothe a patient's worries or brighten their day from the usual unexciting one.  The rewards of volunteering as a Therapy Dog team are not only beneficial to the patient, but also for you and your dog!

Therapy Dogs are NOT service dogs. [Service dogs assist the hearing impaired, physical handicap and sight impaired.]

If you believe your dog is a natural  "super hero" and ready for testing, then perhaps now is the time! 


If you believe basic obedience training such as: Canine Good Citizen and/or Therapy Dog Prep classes would benefit you and your dog, we help you learn how to handle certain situations that might occur in the field.   It will also teach your dog how to stay focused on you and remain calm in highly distracting environments.



An even temperament and proper socialization are key elements for a dog to become a registered Therapy Dog.  By going to Therapy Dog preparation training classes, it can help an owner understand what is required of them and their dog in order to become a confident Therapy Dog team.



Preparation Classes

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Therapy Dog Preparation Classes

Super Dog Heroes

Make People Smile!


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